The Rural Remembrances exhibit features farming equipment, a farm kitchen and household items, two local horse drawn vehicles and shoe making tools.

The surrey was donated by the Helton family and has a newly upholstered seat, an original seat and new fenders for the wooden wheels.  The horse wears a complete set of buggy harness on loan.
The one seat buggy was restored by museum volunteers with help of the Amish for a new seat and dash.  It was owned by the Fearheiley family with deep roots in the county and was used for many years.  It has a small section for storing items behind the seat and a hidden compartment under the seat cushion.
Two plows, two types of cream separaters, different types of planting devices, hay forks, mowers and a corn sheller are pictured here.
The country kitchen has a quilting frame, sewing materials, an enamel table, a Hoosier style cabinet, wooden ironing board, various kitchen equipment and items along the reading rail which can be touched.
The items in this area were used for laundry, spinning and a field cradle for child care.  Imagine life in those days.
The cobbler's horse and shoe last were used for shoemaking, harness making and leather repairs of all kinds