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Illinois Oil Basin


The panoramic photo shows a working well and points out the different parts of the well and accompanying tank battery.  The case displays local oil items of interest.

This all wood drilling rig was made by Gilbert Glick and his grandson.  Parts of the rig and equipment are labeled.

This ultraviolet microscope was owned by Ray Farrar and was used to look at cuttings from drilling the oil well to check for the presence of oil.

In 1912 oil was discovered on the Lucy Courter farm west of Allendale and drilling and production have been important industries since that time.


The desk is on loan from the Dee Drilling Company of Mt. Carmel and displays typical items found in an oil office including a wide carriage typewriter, IBM typewriter, an oil map, lease paperwork and hard hats.

This display shows several oil logs, used to find the best place to drill, oil field cores and other memorabilia.

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