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The religion exhibit, called The Amen Corner has binders with histories of most of the churches of Wabash County and several photos.  Items of interest are also in the nearby cabinets.  Religion played a very important part in early settlement of the area.

The two panoramic photos are of the First Christian Church of Mt. Carmel at a time when the church was located on Cherry Street.  The lower photos are of groups at the First Christian Church in Allendale.
The bench seat used here as a pew is from the old Wabash County Court House.  The three stained glass windows behind it come from the Keensburg Methodist church and the cross is from the old St. Mary's Church.  The smaller green and brown window at the left is from the Maud Christian Church.
Items in the case include a doll dressed as a nun from the Sisters of the Sacred Blood who taught at St. Mary's School for many years, a pillow embroidered in the style of Pacific island natives which the church supported, the host (communion) press from St. Mary's church, stained glass pieces of glass from Trinity United Methodist Church which burned, photos, a rosary and several bibles.
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