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Mt. Carmel--Railroad Hub

The first railroad to run through Wabash County was called the Air Line.  It crossed the Wabash at Mt. Carmel and the engine and cars were moved over on a ferry.  It ran to Albion and began in 1872.  The first north-south line opened in December 26, 1869.  The Big Four railroad headquarters moved to Mt. Carmel in 1884.  So Mt. Carmel was an important railroad hub.


This art work by Bill Berry greats you in the railroad exhibit.  Along with train memorabilia there are many model railroad cars and a working model train.


This case contains a trophy won by the Big Four baseball team, a track gauge, lanterns, the travel bag every train man used and other memorabiia.


This is part of the large collection of model train cars donated to the museum by the family of Kent Schuh.

This New York Central conductor's uniform was worn by Roy Johnson.  On the lower left of the case is the lantern he was carrying the night he was killed, January 22, 1975 north of Hutsonville, IL when he was crushed under a coal car which derailed.


A series of photographs helps tell the story of railroads in Wabash County where they were a major employer.


The first railroad bridge was built across the Wabash at Mt. Carmel in 1884.  Later a pedestrian walk was added to one side.  Later an all steel bridge was built by Charlie Boss and is still in place.


This case contains a model round house and the fire maps of Mt. Carmel showing the location and construction of the Big Four round house (which was moved from St. Francisville) and other related sites.  At the right is a baggage and freight dolly from the local depot.


The model train set is a favorite of children.  Board member Jamie McCorkle set it up and keeps it running.


This is the steam dome from a coal fired locomotive involved in the head-on collision at Maud on Christmas day 1904.

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