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1965 Sesquicentennial Time Capsule Contents--Did Your FamilyLeave Something For You?

In 1965 during the Sesquicentennial of Mt. Carmel festivities, people were encouraged to submit an envelope of items to go into a time capsule to be opened in 2015. Those items, rather than being buried, were placed in a safety deposit box and The Bank of Mt. Carmel. When the bank changed hands, the contents of that box were sent to the Wabash County Museum for safe keeping. As time went on the year to open the items passed unnoticed. Recently the box was found and inventoried. If someone in a family wants to claim the contents, or a photocopy of the contents. Please contact the Wabash County Museum at 618-262-8774 or and arrangements will be made. Some envelopes contain a letter to be delivered to someone in 2015 and others contain a photo or other memorabilia. Nothing of monetary value is in any of the envelopes but would be valuable to a family from parents or grandparents thinking of them 30 years ago. This is the list:

From Nancy and Zane Courter to Stephanie Courter of rural Allendale

From Larry, Ruby, Larry Jr and Ruth Prince to Ruth or James Larry Prince Jr. of 10th street in Mt. Carmel

From Barry, Alan, Walter, Neville, Dorothy Dortch and Jack Mills to Walter Blaine Dortch of Andrews, TX

From Jack, Eva, Velma and Stanley Mills to Walter Blaine Dortch of Andrews, TX

From Wilkinson and Case families to Mark E. Wilkinson of Lambert Drive, Mt. Carmel

From Bess Loudin, Beth Ann Stewart, Jeff Raber and Estelle Buchanan to Jeff Raber of rural Mt. Carmel

From Robert E., Mary S. David S. and Sarah L. Mundy to Robert E. Mundy II or David S. or Sarah L. Mundy of Park Road, Mt. Carmel

From Rian and Paul Waterbury to Rian Waterbury of Mulberry Street in Mt. Carmel

From Mt. Carmel Jaycees Club to Mt. Carmel Jaycee Club

From Ilonka Fullop to Bill Dixon Jr. of Oak Street, Evansville, IN

From Mr. and Mrs. Fred Smith and Terrie Lynn Voyles to Terri Lynn Voyles of West Kemper Road, Cincinnati, OH

From James and Betty John and Bradley and Kelly to Brad or Kelly John of children of Berry Drive, Mt. Carmel

From Roy and Frances Sharp, Robert and David Sharp to Robert Roy or David Paul Sharp of rural Mt. Carmel

From Iris, George and Anna Mae Kissling to Anna Mae Kissling rural Mt. Carmel

From Mark, Kenneth, Mary Lou and Ana Smith and Pamela and Michael DeWitt to Michael Todd Dewitt of Evansville, Wyoming

From David and Jackie Hampton to David or Jackie Hampton of Maxwell Ave., Evansville, IN

From Mr. and Mrs. Melvin D. Buchanan and grandson Robbie to Joseph Robert Buchanan II of Arlington, VA

From Mt. Carmel High School Class of 1915 to Stuart Locke

From the Harold Smith Family to Christopher Smith of Lancaster, IL

From Fred and Grace Brunner, Barbara and Jay Lankford and Debbie Brian to Debbie Lankford and Brian Lankford of Hillcrest Terrace, Newburgh, IN

From Charles and Esther Calverly and Marcus and Allen to Marcus or Allen Calverly of rural Mt. Carmel

From Karen G. and James A. Stroh and Sherry and Kathleen Stroh to Kathy and Sherry Stroh of Pearson Avenue of Ferndale, Michigan

From the Bessie Newkirk family to Marcus Pearson of Allendale

From Flora Chapman to Michael Robert Chapman of Northumberland Drive in Rochester, Michigan

From Theron and Laura Rigg Weisenberger to Bradley Redman of Lafayette Avenue in Columbus, IN

From Mr. and Mrs. Russell Stansfield to any heir of Margaret Rue Stansfield Barnes of Cherry Street, Mt. Carmel

From Neil Hack, Kathleen Tennis Hack and Kathy Broedel to Kathy Broedel or Pat Broedel of Poplar Street in Mt. Carmel

From Louis and Vaneta Anderson to Mark and Renee Anderson the children of Roger and Wanda Anderson of Ft. Branch, IN

From the Litherland/Schneider family to the Descendants of Allendale Gravel

From the Mt. Carmel Library Board to the current Library Board

From Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Cundiff and Warren Lee Clawson to Deborah, Stephanie and Jeffrey Clawson of Andrews, TX or Mt. Carmel or Portland, OR

From Dr. and Mrs. D. S. Lacquement to Hubert W. Lacquement of the U.S. Army 0-68603

From Jerry and Gloria McNorton to James Paul McNorton

From Jane and John Cross of St. Louis to Eugene Daniel Cross, Andrew Joseph Cross or Kathleen Mary Cross

From Harry and Hazel Drews family to descendants of Harry J. and Hazel Drews

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