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Only 2 of these available--chock full of information.  Many short bios of board members, honorees including:  Scott Glenn, Pat Hingle, Robert Horton, Val Kilmer, Randy Quaid, Rob Word, Johnny Mack Brown, Lois Hall, Noel Neill, Elaine Riley, Gale Storm and the Presenters including: Keith Caradine, Michael Dante, Dana Delany, Paula Malcomson, Robert Osborne, Fess Parker, Sidney Poitier, Morgan Woodward, Ben Cooper, Patrick Curtis, Michael Emerson, Clyde Lucas Band, Fred Foy, Mark Allen and the Lost Canyon Rangers.  Many ads , list of Best of the West awards films and plays and photos of the committee., list of those who dies in 2004

2004 22nd Annual Golden Boot Awards program

    A Masked Man, An Indian and Me.jpg

    A Masked Man, An Indian and Me is written by Fred Foy before his death in 2010 and not published until 2018.  


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